Adjustable Vegetable/Fruits Packaging Machine


It’s according to the market demand and development of a fully automatic high-speed multi-function vegetable and fruits packing machine, apply to long beans potatoes, cabbage Carrots, parsley cabbage Chinese cabbage, beans yam Carrots, lettuces, lettuce, leek, water spinach, coriander, onion, cabbage, Shanghai green, celery, onion, potato, onion, ginger, yam, lotus root, garlic, water bamboo, green Chinese onion, wax gourd, towel gourd, balsam pear, cucumber, squash and pumpkins, eggplant, pepper, tomato, corn type automatic bag packaging printing production date!



SY 680

Bag Length

Automatic adjustable according to Material size

Packing Width


Packing Height



220V 4.2KW

Overall Dimension




Details About Adjustable Vegetable/Fruits Packaging Machine

1. The drawings of the company’s automatic large-size material( like vegetable) packing machine are designed and made by Tokiwa technology from Japan, with more than 10 years of experience in packaging machines. The equipment has a reasonable mechanism, stable and reliable operation, and high yield, which is especially suitable for connecting with the production line.
2. The company’s automatic vegetable packaging machine adopts an imported servo motor and controller, easy to operate, long service life.
It can be adjusted by operating on the 7-inch large touch color screen, which greatly saves packaging materials.
The packaging machine has the advantages of low noise, fast packing speed, high yield of finished products and higher aesthetics of packaging, and more humanization
3. The mainframe is made of a steel plate of 12mm thickness, and the tool hole center is machined by CNC precision machining center.
Low noise, long service life, little waste.
The appearance of the equipment is beautiful, no rust, improves the grade of equipment, in line with the requirements of the cosmetics industry.
The equipment has good stability and durability.
4. The contact parts between the packaging machine and the products are made of 304 stainless steel plates. The worktable and the shaper are 2.5mm thick stainless steel.
The conveying chain is stainless steel chain.
5. The cutting knife of automatic vegetable packing machine is made of imported materials, with sharp cutting edge, beautiful incision, and long service life;
6. Equipped with 7 inches large color LCD touch screen, speed, bag length, tangent position detection can be directly displayed and operated on the interface, more user-friendly
7. Reinforced safety cover and safety protection warning board make the equipment more beautiful and safe.

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