Automatic Alcohol Pad Machine(4 sides sealing)

This machine is designed as an automatic production solution for sanitary wet wipes and make-up removing wet wipes and personal care wet wipes. It can be adjustable to fit various packaging sizes, a perfect choice for OEM and ODM factories that produce different sizes of wet wipe products on one machine.





30-90g/m2 air-laid paper, wet strength paper, spun lace non-woven fabric

Folding Type

Max.10 folding vertical, Max4 folding horizontal

Packing Speed

60-120 bags/minute

Bag Size

L:40-135-170mm, W:40-100mm



Bag Sealing Type

4 sides sealing

Packing Material

Composite film, paper aluminum film

Liquid range




Overall Dimension


Details About Automatic Alcohol Pad Machine(4 sides sealing)





  1. Modern adjustable mold design, one machine for different packing dimensions.
  2. Four sides sealing packaging, make your wet wipe more elegant.
  3. Use Japanese Iwaki liquid pump, filling tolerance less than 0.01ml.
  4. Touch screen + PLC operation, the user could control the temperature, speed, and tissue length on the touch screen.
  5. Use top brand components for key parts, guarantee stability, and using life.
  6. Servo motors for controlling mechanical motions, guarantee precision and stability.


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