Automatic Wet Wipes Machine(5-30pcs/packet)

This machine is designed for automatic wet wipes folding and packaging. It is an institution, fast speed, smooth operation and can automatically accomplish: wet wipes folding→inside and outside liquid→slice, add bag making→sealing- +count→a batch number→products output and so on many features, effectively avoid the wet wipes in the packaging process of secondary pollution. the machine is compact and easy & safe. It’s a good choice machine for you folding and packaging wet wipes, it’s suitable for packaging 5-30pcs/pack.

1, spunlaced non-woven cloth adopts synchronous transmission
2. Two labeling machines
3. Automatic opening skylight on the packaging film
4. Reciprocating sealing device
5, Electric differential, no stop speed regulation phase
6. The opening position and labeling position can be set on the touch screen;
Adjustable length, paper clip roll folding in half
7. The main electric appliances adopt well-known brands
8. Frame type mainframe





Spunlace non-woven fabric /Hot rolled nonwoven fabric 30-90gsm

Wet Wipes Folding Speed


Packing Speed

10-80 bags/minute

Wet Wipes Unfold Size

(150~200mm)×(150~250mm) (L×W)

Wet Wipes Fold Size

(75~100mm)×(45~80mm) (L×W)

Folding Type

Z, V, ZZ

Control System

PLC & Servo Control

Additional Function

Punching, Labeling, Print Date


With Exhaust

Water Tank

400L(H:800mm Diameter:800mm)

Overall Dimension






Details About Automatic Wet Wipes Machine(5-30pcs/packet)


1. Spunlaced non-woven fabric longitudinal folding device
2. Spunlaced non-woven humidifying device
3. Wet cloth cutting device, using the high-speed steel blade, the blade can be replaced separately
4. Spunlaced non-woven fabric lateral folding device
5. Automatic counting and stacking device for wet wipes
6. Packing film opening device
7. Packaging film forming device
8. Longitudinal sealing device for packaging film
9. Transverse sealing device for packaging film
10. The host frequency conversion control, stacking, fork push material, feed film sealing, horizontal sealing by independent servo control synchronous operation; Labeling opening adopts servo control;
11. Motor + synchronous belt + planetary reduction head transmission mode
12. Filling control system configuration, using immersion extrusion control
13. Coding device: using ink wheel coding machine, printing speed is less than or equal to 300 times/minute

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