Body/Hand/Foot Warmers-Medicine Powder Sachet Packing Machine

It is suitable for packing special bag materials such as warm bags,  footpads warmers, warmer bags, body warmers, toe warmers, hand warmers, neck warmers, back warmers, Medicine powder bags, and infusion heaters.




Punching Speed

20-45 Times/Minute ( 1-4pcs bag/time)

Max Packing Size

330-450mm X 260mm

Packing Material

Composite Material, Breathable non-woven fabric, adhesive paper

Material Type

Warmer Powder(Secondary reducing iron powder, Activated carbon powder, Vermiculite, Sodium chloride, SAP water-absorbent resin)





Overall Dimension


Details About Body/Hand/Foot Warmers-Medicine Powder Sachet Packing Machine


1.Supporting the outer packaging and can form an automatic packaging line, for example, this model machine connect with our SY800 Four Sides Sealing Machine
2. Double roll film automatic feeding, flat plate heat sealing, four sides sealing, and sealing firmly, smooth bag type, exquisite.
3. Mechanical transmission is connected with reducer and main rotor, with the main shaft on the same axis line (to reduce transmission error).
4. Pneumatic systems are photoelectric control, programmable through PLC, so that the mechanism of accurate operation so that packaging products in the multi-station, long-distance operation to ensure the stability of mo synchronization.
5. Automatic feeding, automatic feeding, up and down mesh, cylinder heating machine photo hand traction, reliable performance, convenient operation, high level of automation, the whole machine adopts PLC automatic control, helium step-less speed regulation, can be matched with the cursor tracking plate sealing configuration.

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