DPB-140 Blister Packaging Machine

This machine is the latest and high automation product designed for middle and small-sized pharmacy factory, healthcare factory and preparation-room of the hospital, especially for those who need small batches product but many kinds. The machine is adopted with PLC, frequency converter, and touch screen operation. It can automatically finish the process of feeding, forming, heat-sealing, pressing, batch number printing, punching, and so on. It is the ideal packing equipment with convenient operation, full purpose function. The product passed the provincial science and technology appraisal.

It is suitable for capsules, tablets, honey pills, candy, liquid (ointment), syringes as well as irregular shapes All-plastic or paper-plastic packing in pharmacy, healthcare, food, cosmetics, medical equipment industry, etc.





15-40 times/minute

Max Forming Area


Blister Size

80*57 (Can be customized according to your request)

PVC Sheet

0.15-0.5 ×140mm

Aluminum Foil

0.02-0.035× 140mm

Dialysis Paper

50-100g× 140mm

Mold Cooling

Tap Water Or Circulating Water

Travel Range


Air Supply




Details About DPB-140 Blister Packaging Machine

  1. The main transmission part adopts a parallel axis and bevel wheel speed reducer, with novel structure, stable running, long longevity, and low noise.
  2. Spare parts as heat-sealing station fixing, forming, impressing and cutting, can move freely to adjust the distance and it is easy to change moulds.
  3. With manipulator towing and adjustable travel range, it can be suited for blister packing of various sizes.
  4. Flat plate structure can pack special shape products, such as elliptic shape, square shape, triangle shape, liquid, paste and syringe etc.

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