DPP-250/320 Blister Packaging Machine

It is suitable for capsule, tablet, honey, pill, candy, liquid (ointment), paste, syringe as well as irregular shape Al-plastic and paper-plastic composite sealing packing in pharmacy, healthcare, food, cosmetics, medical equipment industry etc





15-30 times/minute

Max Forming Area


Blister Size

50*90 (Can be customized according to your request)

PVC Sheet

0.15-0.5 × 250/320mm

Aluminum Foil

0.02-0.035× 250/320mm

Dialysis Paper

50-100g× 250/320mm

Mold Cooling

Tap Water Or Circulating Water

Travel Range


Air Supply




Details About DPP-250/320 Blister Packaging Machine

  1. Blister forming, hot-sealing, lot number printing, avulsion line impressing and cutting, etc all adopt gear mandrel orientation, each can move freely in the mandrel when rotating the handwheel, and it equipped with a staff gauge, easy to adjust and can be performed quickly and accurately.
  2. Manipulator towing adopted culms double pendulum device and increased traction adjustable range (it can get to as long as 180mm), which can fit for blister packing of different sizes. All the movement of heating, forming, upper and lower net veins pressing, air cylinder pressing, feeding, lot number printing, and cutting can be done very simply, automatically, and accurately.
  3. Positive pressure forming matched with mechanical punch ensures well blister forming and can be collocated with a special automatic feeder to fit for certain packings such as ampoule, vial, syringe, big honey pill, medical appliance, or other special shapes.
  4. The main transmission part adopts a parallel axis and bevels wheel speed reducer. Forming, heat-sealing and impressing molds adopt bolt orientating which leads to precise orientation, easy-to-change molds, and material saving.
  5. Detachable design makes the machine easy to be carried and installed according to the user’s requirement.

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