Four Side Sealing Packing Machine

This machine is the company scientific research personnel in the multi-function pillow section, on the basis of fully automatic packaging machine, and absorb foreign advanced packaging technology, strictly in accordance with the requirements of” GMP” specification for admin station of warm cooling gel and similar product packaging design and development of products of domestic initiation. The machine set, loading products, batch number printing, quadrilateral sealing, tear open mouth, cutting and packing the finished product delivery all at once. Around the whole machine adopts the man-machine interface, with automatic photoelectric the edition, six groups before and after the struggle, temperature control, sealing side pressure device ensure product sealing effect. The machine successfully trial-produced, over the warm paste and similar products, can only use the manual packing of history and has solved the product packaging night seal technical difficulties The machine superior performance and beautiful packaging, high technology content ls the first selection of automatic packaging equipment.





100-150 bags/minute

Bag Length


Bag Width


Traction Range

50-250mm(could be customized for special size)

Quantity Packs/Mold

160X120mm(3 Pack/Mold)
90 X75mm(4 Pack/Mold)
100 X70mm(5 Pack/Mold)
It can be designed according to your requirements

Packing Material

PE/OPP PE/PET paper film, aluminum film, pure aluminum film, and other composite films
Thickness: 0.03-0.1mm

Packing Film Width



380v 11KW

Overall Dimensions




Details About Four Side Sealing Packing Machine

1.Programmable control:
adopt PLC programmable controller, make the machine running program.
2.Touch screen display:
host speed set the bag length, the actual bag length, the amount of compensation, the output will be displayed on the screen,
be clear at a glance.
3.Packaging bag length automatic adjustment:
length of transformation can be directly set by the touch screen, by the computer program automatically adjust the length, very convenient and quick.
4.Two-way compensation for standard:
imported photoelectric detection color code, by PLC computer program combined with two-way compensation institution, automatic tracking, for the rapid and accurate.
5.About photoelectric struggle:
to make the bag on both sides of alignment, smooth and beautiful.

6.Collect waste device:
driven by magnetic powder control, can make the packing material tension balance, the machine running stable. sealing side pressure device ensures product sealing effect.

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