Ice Packs Machine

1. Transporting foods and seafood, perishables, pathology samples, medicine, vaccines etc…
2. Camping, hunting, hiking, boating, fishing, drinks, perishables, foods, etc…
3. Using it with cooler box or bag





Punching Speed

20-50 Times/Minute ( 1-4pcs bag/time)

Max Packing Size

330-450mm X 260mm

Packing Material

Composite Material with PE Film, Non-woven fabric

Material Type

Aero-ice polymer





Overall Dimension


Details About Ice Packs Machine


Ice gel pack has gel crystals inside and a jaws on the top of bag, you can insert the water tap in the jaws to fill water, the water will not leak, then the gel crystals turn to gel, and then it can be used after freezed.
Ice gel pack as a cold resource, it is used for cold-preservation, fresh-preservation, and cold compress:
1. One link in cold – for cold-preservation and fresh-preservation during transporting, applicable to:
a. Live shrimp, fish, crab, conger eel, and other aquatic products;
b. Various sea worms and other live baits;
c. Top grade vegetables, edible fungi, fruits, flowers and farm products;
d. Battering, reagent, albumin and other biological products;
2. Used for food fresh-preservation in distribution center;
3. Used for portable cold-preservation box;
4. Used for cooling food and drinks during traveling;
5. Used for cold compress;
6. Other situations requiring preserving in cold and fresh conditions.
The products have the following specifications and other specifications are available upon the order.

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