KN95 Automatic Face Mask Machine

Automatic unwinding – Nose bridge feeding – Ultrasonic welding – Earband welding – Folding – Ultrasonic welding cutting + finished product output





100-120 pcs/minute

Ear cord length


Welding spot spacing


Welding spot size

8-10MM, customized according to client standards

Welding time


Product positioning adjustment

Automatic calibration

Welding method

Continuous /instant welding

Details About KN95 Automatic Face Mask Machine

The Fully automatic folding mask machine individual machine is a fully automatic machine used to produce a folding mask production line. lt uses ultrasonic technology to weld 3 to 6 layers of PP non-woven fabric, activated carbon filter materials, and filter materials. The whole set of equipment undergoes non-woven fabric welding, ear belt welding,half-folding, edge sealing, rolling cutting, and other integrated automatic folding production processes, which can process 3M 9001,9002 and other folding masks. The raw materials selected according to product requirements can produce masks that meet different standards such as FFP1, FF92, N95, etc. The entire production process does not require talent to participate,and the production of finished products is completed automatically.

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