L Bar Heat-shrink Film Wrapping Machine

This machine is an automatic sealing cutting and shrinks packing machine, widely used in mass production of the packaging line, automatic feeding the film, automatic punching, automatic covering film and cutting film, automatic reeling waste.

Only need to manually adjust the film guide system and feeding platform, suitable for different width and height products.

The machine widely used in software, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, printing, beverage, and other industries.




Packing Material

Folded POF/PVC


1-15 meter/minute

Packing Size

Width: Product's Width+Product's Height≤400MM

Height: Product's Width+Product's Length≤480MM

Film Width


Max Outer Dia of Film Roller



220/380V 11KW



Overall Dimension


Details About L Bar Heat-shrink Film Wrapping Machine

  • Automatic pneumatic shrink wrapping machine
  • There is a protection mechanism for sealing knives against overheating and cutting.
  • After sealing action, the packing product goes in the shrink tunnel automatically by the conveyor belt.
  • The height of the conveyor belt can be adjusted with a handwheel.
  • Sealing & cutting time is controlled by time relay accurately.
  • Double electromagnets are used to produce more pressure for sealing, which will make sealing much firmer.
  • The upper sealing & cutting frame is controlled by the return cylinder. The L-bar sealing machine with shrink tunnel is with high speed, and nice shrink packing,

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