Premade Pouch Bagging Machine

The machine replaces the manual packing, the operator as long as it will be a bag, a one-time will take a bag of hundreds of bag in the equipment, equipment of manipulator automatically get bags, date printing, open bag mouth, push products,  exhaust, sealing, output.




Bag Styles

Three side seal bag, Four side seal bag, Paper bag, Zipper bag


≤30 Bags/Minute(Its depend on the real product)

Bag Size

W:50-180mm L: 50-320mm(Can be customized according to customer's requirement)

Air Pressure




Total Power

6.5KW 220/380V



Details About Premade Pouch Bagging Machine

The introduction of German technology, adopt the original servo system control, compared with other similar frequency conversion motor or inverter control products at home and abroad, compared to more intelligent, with the packaging of high precision, wide adjustable range, control precision, low rejection rate, good stability, etc. The adoption of the world’s leading fully open box structure, the transmission structure at a glance, maintenance more convenient;

Main features:
1. The intelligent detecting whether to open the bag and bag is complete, in the case of improper feeding material heat sealing, do not waste bags, can save considerable cost for the user.
2 the machine work speed can be infinite at random by variable frequency speed regulating device within the prescribed scope.
3. With advanced PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface operation more convenient.
4. The overload protection, safety device.The machine working pressure anomalies or heating tube failure automatic alarm prompt.
5. It can realize double feeding, solid and liquid phases, different liquid additives, etc.
6. Each machine clip width can be controlled by the motor adjustment, suitable for different widths of the bag.
7. In some components with imported tolerance plastic bearing, do not need to refuel, reduce the pollution of food.
8. The whole machine and the packing bag or material contact parts are made of stainless steel to meet the requirements of food processing materials, conform to the hygiene standards of the food processing industry, safe and reliable.
9. You can choose different meters for material weighing, packaging a wide range, can be applied to the packaging of all kinds of solid materials.
10. The use of prefabricated product packaging, perfect design, good sealing effect, finished product class is high.


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