Semi-Automatic Wet Wipes Machine(30-120pcs/packet)


This machine is designed for wet wipes packaging and it adopts vertical folding. It is an institution, fast speed, smooth operation and can automatically accomplish: wet wipes folding→inside and outside liquid→slice, add bag making→sealing- +count→a batch number→products output and so on many features, effectively avoid the wet wipes in the packaging process of secondary pollution. the machine is compact and easy, safe, is the wet wipes packing device of choice, suitable for packing a single piece of wet wipes.



AWZ-250 + WF-500W


Spunlace non-woven fabric 30-90gsm

Folding Type

Z, V

Wet Wipes Folding Speed


Packing Speed

50-120 bags/minute

Bag Size

L:60-170mm, W:60-120mm, H:10-100mm

Wet Wipes Size

L:180mm W:140-250mm

Wet Wipes Folding Size

L:90mm W:65-90mm (special size could be customized)


With Exhaust


4KW + 3.5KW

Overall Dimension

5000X1700X1900mm, 4600x2450x1650mm



Details About Semi-Automatic Wet Wipes Machine(30-120pcs/packet)

-Touch screen control,simple operation.

-Ac motor with frequency converter,realize stepless speed control.

– Bag length either, automatic adjustment, quick and accurate.

-PID automatic control of heating temperature.

– Digital display bag length, packing speed and number of packages.

– Magic eye accurate,automatic tracking tag printing.

-Stronger reciprocating side sealing mechanism, the seal, seal die cuttingknife lossless.

-End seal Angle device, pocket is more beautiful and upgrade the product.

-Mechanical design is easy to maintenance.

– Equipped with adjustable bag making machine, convenient customerchange product specifications.


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