Single Color Light Clay Extrusion and Packing Machine

Light clay plasticine packaging this machine is suitable color plasticine clay automatic packaging can be done automatically plasticine molding cutting and packing and automatic print date have a high degree of automation, packaging, speed, and stability characteristics. servo system controls small footprint, simple operation, easy to use.




Max Film's Width


Length of Bag


Width of Bag


Light Clay's Height



100-250 bags/minute


220V 50/60HZ 11KW

Overall Dimensions




Details About Single Color Light Clay Extrusion and Packing Machine

This machine is through extrusion, forming, cutting, and then automatic packaging, printing date, the whole process of automation, with the characteristics of fast packaging, beautiful packaging products, saving labor costs. It is the first one in China to adopt a servo extrusion and cutting device with a weight of about plus or minus 3% G, with high measurement accuracy, simple cutting, open box structure, convenient and quick cleaning suitable for the molding and cutting packaging of light clay and ultra-light clay, and the first one to adopt a new servo cutting system, with fast packaging speed, accurate tracking, and difficulty to solve the waste of packaging materials in domestic mud packaging The machines are easy to operate and easy to use (it can also be customized for all kinds of single-color or multi-color molding and packaging students)Production line).


1. Full computer control
2. Increase the stainless steel molding machine
3. Temperature independent PID control
4. Middle seal wheel heating
5. Multi-function intelligent screen

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