Soft Plastic Medical Products Blister Packaging Machine

Soft Plastic Medical Products Blister Packaging Machine is widely used in paper-PE blister packing for medical Appliances(Such as

flock swab, infusion tube, make up remover sponge, medical gauze, medical mask, nose swab, oral brush, sponge, swab, syringe, throat swab, tongue depressor )

It can continuously finish the full processing of heating in the machine for PE film, Forming the blister, filling appliances, sealing, batch number printing. vertical and cross-cutting and output the final product.
This machine adopts a PLC controller, human-machine interface. servo motor system, photocell register system, and optional with Online Printing system.





6-12 times/minute (10- 40 pcs/time depend on size of products)

Packing Material

Upper Films:0.02-0.1X410mm(Dialysis Paper, Soft Plastic Film)
Lower Films: 0.1-0.3×420mm(Soft Plastic Film, Hard Plastic Film)

Max Forming Area

375×375×70mm(Standard Model)
475×375×70mm(Customized Model)

Traction Trip


Cursor Alignment Or Printing


Heater Power

Forming Upper& Lower Heater:6KW
Sealing Heater:6KW

Main Motor

Servo Motor 1.5KW

Vacuum Conditions

Vacuum Degree-0.09Mpa

Mold Cooling

Water Cooling Pipe: Consumption 60L/H

Overall Dimension




Details About Soft Plastic Medical Products Blister Packaging Machine

Adopt a full set of Mitsubishi HMI, PLC, and servo control systems. With the easier operation, higher precision, and lower failure rate.
An optical tracking system adopts an imported three-color sensor, which can sense all colors and transmit a strong signal. Make sure to use color film, and make it align with the bottom film's forming area.
Adopt a high-quality stainless steel chain and film clamp drive system. Ensure film clamping force. drive effectiveness and service life.
Optional with powerful waste recovery system to ensure recovery on both sides of the bottom film timely and effective.
Optional with coder or inkjet printer according to user's requirements.

Two types of coding methods include cylinder central coding and servo control coding for client's choice.

  1. Preheating of the lower film: the heating plate is closely attached to the heating lower film, with high heating efficiency and automatic separation of the heating plate when traction.
  2. PVC molding: the upper and lower die by the cylinder action lock, there is a sealing ring to ensure no air leakage, it makes sure forming blister very good.


  1. Heat sealing: the cylinder action seals the upper and lower die, and the upper die heating is equipped with cylinder buffer. The upper and lower molds are checkered sealing. It makes sure forming blister very good.
  2. Adjustment mechanism: each mold box mechanism can be adjusted in the frame left and right position. It is convenient for you adjustment after changing the mold.
  3. Mold positioning: press plate positioning, simple operation, convenient replacement.
  4. Cutting plate: shaftless cylinder cross-cutting, convenient position adjustment. Hob indentation or longitudinal cutting can be added or subtracted according to the plate.

7. Printing device: drum letterpress printing, synchronous printing, can save the cost of consumables.

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