Steam Eye Mask Packaging Machine

HY220 steam eye mask packaging machine is a kind of packaging equipment developed by our company according to the needs of users. The equipment has quantitative film feeding, automatic synchronous feeding, automatic gluing, sealing, rolling and cutting ear strap, ultrasonic welding, product rolling and cutting, synchronous waste collection. Production line automation. The equipment solves the blank of automatic production equipment for steam goggles. On the premise of increasing production, it makes the steam goggles into standardized production, greatly reducing labor cost, occupying space, and ensuring the unity of products.





70-150 pcs/minute

Max Width of Material


Packing Material

The max diameter of such non-woven materials as needle punched cotton is 800mm,the diameter of the reel is 75mm

Air Compressor

0.4-0.6 Mpa


220/380V 50/60HZ 6KW

Overall Dimension




Details About Steam Eye Mask Packaging Machine

1. Through PLC, frequency converter, human-machine interface, encoder, photoelectric and other organic combined with the realization of intelligent control, the operation is simple and intuitive.

2. Adopt roll sealing and ultrasonic welding parts, and the roll cutting is driven by the output of the main machine synchronously.

3. Microcomputer is used to control the glue spraying quantity and speed, so as to save the glue consumption to the greatest extent, avoid unnecessary waste.

4. Adopt the synchronous automatic feeding mechanism, and the feeding and equipment can be adjusted conveniently. automatic guide positioning, ensure the synchronization and stability of the whole machine.

5. The ear strap is welded by an ultrasonic wave so that it can be welded seamlessly with the eye mask, and the welding position is soft and firm without hard spots.

6. The finished product is beautiful and free of burr through the rolling cutter.

7. 360-degree safety protection and isolation of the whole machine, convenient replacement of materials, and safe use.

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