Three-dimensional Transparent Film Packaging Machine(Small & Middle Size Box)


This machine is mainly used for the appearance decoration and packaging of square box goods in medicine, food, health care products, cosmetics, audio-visual products, and other industries. Such as medicine box, chewing gum, health care products, tea, cube sugar, condoms, rubber, mosquito coil incense, cigarettes, tape, VCD (CD), playing cards, transparent soap, square battery, floppy disk and so on have played the role of anti-counterfeit, moistURE-proof, and improve the product grade, increase the added value of the product.

This machine can be combined with the carton machine production




Packing Speed

30-60 boxes/minute

Packing Material

BOPP Film 0.22-0.3mm Transparent cellophane: heat sealing, moisture-proof, 300# ~ 600#

Pull Thread for Tear

Width: 1.2-3mm any color adhesive(Transparent line, single gold, full gold, bright gold, transparent scarlet, white red, white gold, laser anti-counterfeiting, laser hollowing, etc)


220V 50HZ 4.5KW

Overall Dimension




Packing Size

Length:40-200mm Widht:30-140mm Height:10-60mm

Details About Three-dimensional Transparent Film Packaging Machine(Small & Middle Size Box)

1.Compact and reasonable structure, stable performance, advanced, easy operation, and maintenance;

  1. Adopt multi-function digital display frequency converter, step-less variable speed;
  2. Easy to change the mold and flexible; Twin-screw tool rest lifting more stable, overcome the old packaging machine unilateral adjustment shortcomings
  3. With automatic feeding, automatic counting and other functions;
  4. The transmission part is equipped with all kinds of protection devices and fault prompts;
  5. With a film feeding clutch test machine, no box no film, no waste of packaging materials

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